First Superiors' Meeting with the Provincial Government


         Last October 29-30, 2019, a group of ten Hijas de Jesus gathered to meet, share, learn and clarify things together.  It was an important event because they hold the responsibility of the service of authority in the Philippine Region.  It was the first Superiors' Meeting with the Provincial Government.



     The first session was with Fr. James Gascon, SJ, whose topic "Discernment and Governance:  At the Service of the Mission" set the tone and pace of the two-day encounter.  The participants learned about communal discernment, discernment in common, the steps needed and they even had a practicum!


      Sr. Georgita Hormillosa followed with a familial dialogue on the Bonds of Union, taking as reference numbers from our CFI and CND.  There was a lot of exchange about the love of Christ being our bond, mutual and fraternal charity, and the link of obedience.  The atmosphere was warm and open.



     The second day was spent on concrete things to be done.  First, the Dispositions and Orientations on the Exercise of Government was studied, and then the 'fichas' of Part 1 for the Deepening on the Determination from the General Government was given.  The proposed Provincial Plan for the next three years was presented, and finally the bits and pieces that make up the little links that facilitate life among ourselves were taken up.
      Everything is for the mission, the one mission of Christ by which we are called to collaborate.  This is the beginning of our response to the calls and Determination of GC 18.  Everyone was cooperative and wished for the best.  May we also give our best as we cooperate, making our Congregational Body vital and preserved in its well-being.