PART Convention 2019

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       Seven Hijas de Jesus Sisters attended the recently concluded annual convention of the Philippine Association of Religious Treasurers (PART) which is normally held in November.

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This year, from November 12-16, 320 religious priests, brothers and sisters belonging to 85 congregations attended the 43rd annual convention in Bohol Tropics Tagbilaran, Bohol. The theme was Steward: Gifted, Beloved, Empowered.

The keynote speaker was Bishop Daniel Patrick Parcon of Talibon, who emphasized that as steward, one has to make as one’s own the mantra IT IS GOD’S, NOT MINE – a gentle reminder to grow more in an attitude of gratefulfulness.

3. guest speaker

Fr. McGuire, SSC, talked of personality dynamic - how to handle a world full of stress so that it will not eat up all our energy; owning our mistakes, learning and going forward.

A representative from the Philippine Association of Certified Public Accounts (PICPA) updated the participants on Taxation, Budgeting and Forecasting. A bit of welcome news came with the update. For PART members who are Certified Public Accountants (CPA), a six unit credit only will suffice for the renewal of their licenses.

The ever present Padilla Law Office also gave an update on the SEC- BIR new ruling – often times a headache for those who have to work through the maze of requirements.

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The convention was also time for renewing friendships, and acquaintances, days of rest and laughter, especially as tired and weary religious treasures danced to the different tune of ages and seasons during the social night.


The FI Participants were Sr. Marie Sweet Candelaria, Sr. Florie May Llorando, Sr. Lorna Genovate, Sr. Cecile Solis, Sr. Victoria Lim,  Sr. Ma. Fe Teodosio, ,  and Sr.Rachel Bade.