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Sr. Lynn Falsis, the new Provincial of the Indico-Pacific Province, visited the community of Japan from November 7-20, 2019. She came here before for the first time when she was a Provincial Councilor. 

This time, in her own words, she said, “I came to be a Sister to all of you. I desire to know each one personally, to spend time with you.” In her first pastoral visit, she did just that- blend in our daily routine of prayer, meals, work and recreation in the community. She talked spontaneously in combined English and Spanish and in a smattering of Japanese expressions she acquired along the way. She made herself available to anybody who wanted to share with her personally. She ended up talking to everybody beyond the limits of language using as she said, “the language of God.” She was a great listener too, with a heart.

       Sr. Lynn was lucky to come at such time when there were a lot of “movements” in our apostolic works. In Hayama, her first stop, she was able to witness a Mini-Concert organized by the mothers of our Pre-School children, the Japanese “Shichi-Go-San” Ceremony   (Blessing of Children) in our parish (Zushi), the annual Prayer for our Departed Sisters by the teachers in our chapel, had a “guided tour” of our Casa Blanca (a recognized Cultural Heritage of the Prefecture), briefly met the alumni of Shotoku Jogakuin, who had a gathering, etc.

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The second stop was Tokyo where she attended the morning masses in the elderly community of the Jesuits, went together with our Japanese sisters to Sunday mass in our parish (Sekimachi). She even had the time to go with our sister to Shinagawa Immigration Center and had a glimpse of her work of visiting foreign detainees.

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During her stay, we discovered she loved Japanese food, but it could be noticed she did not have great tolerance for the cold November weather! And for her, commuting from Hayama to Tokyo using the combination of buses and the railway system was rather overwhelming!

            Thank you Sr. Lynn for spending fourteen days with us to know each one of us a little more, the Japanese world we move in, the reality of our mission, its joys and challenges.. Thank you for your points for reflection, affirmations, the encouraging words you left us. “You are not alone. The Government is with you, The whole Body-Congregation is with you. As for the future, let us be open to the Holy Spirit!” Indeed your visit was a moment of grace for us! Arigatou!