1. Stayawake
THEREFORE, STAY AWAKE!" (Mt. 24:37-44)
First Sunday of Advent
"Stay awake!" Jesus said.
• Awake - to cease sleeping; to wake up ; to become active again ; to become conscious or aware of something.
Normally, our eyes are open when we are awake. But there are those whose eyes are closed even if they are awake.
Advent, which means "coming," is about Jesus whose COMING is unexpected.
Isaiah, sent by God, opened the eyes of the Israelite people during the time when Israel was divided into two kingdoms and threatened by the powerful Assyrians.
He prophesied about Israel becoming light to all nations and faithfulness to God's covenant was their key to peace.
Opening our eyes is not just looking at the Christmas trees, lights, lanterns, parties and reunions with wonder and excitement. They are to be wisely justified according to what they signify and to their real purpose and intention. They are new life, light, unity, peace, prosperity and love that Jesus brings.
The ways to these, Paul practically advised: "throw off deeds of darkness," and "put on the armour of LIGHT."
Learning from the past, Jesus said that it was Noah who was saved from the flood because the people were consumed by the stuff of everyday life.
At Christmas, we will be flooded with foods, material things and social celebrations. If we have not build the ARK, that is, the Acts of Random Kindness.
then surely, we will be washed away to the true spirit of Christmas.
"Stay awake!"