Prayer-Poem by a Young Woman- A Recap of Day One

Forever Grateful

 Dear God,

There are so many things

that happened today

which I am forever grateful for.

Thank you!


We started the day with a mass

together with the Hijas de Jesus sisters,

which I cannot pass.

Though I wasn’t able to attend on time,

being in the chapel with them is more than a worth’s dime.

Thank you!

We were able to eat a sumptuous meal they prepared,

which my companions and I eagerly shared.

Thank you for the hands that cooked.

Thank you for the abundant meals we took.

Thank you!

I enjoyed the road mapping that we did.

It enabled me to reminisce memories especially the candid.

There were many happy moments to be thankful for,

especially challenges and trials that later turned into blessings.

Half-day it was still

Yet for me it seems it was already a whole day I feel.

Thank you!

The grace of openness we were able to receive from you.

Terrific it is that you brought us to be anew.

Thank you!

You gave me a rare chance to meet and greet

all your servants who were once strong from head to feet.

They were able to share their wonderful encounters with you,

And hope that we, visitors, might as well too.

The smiles in their faces and simply the effort they gave

just to present themselves to us will be forever treasured in my heart.

Thank you!

You gave me another chance to remember

the Nativity of Jesus through a movie.

From the prophecy, the Word became flesh.

From Mary’s “Thy will be done,” the Savior came to Earth.

I have connected better to the Holy Family’s life.

The sacrifices of both Mary and Joseph

became so vivid in my life.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am forever and beyond grateful

for this incomparable once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you so much!

All these from your daughter,

1. Peachy