A group composed of thirty 34 administrators and middle level coordinators of Manresa School attended a growth session in Manresa Retreat House last January 17-18, 2020. The overnight activity was facilitated by Sr. Ma. Leoly Quitorio, F.I. and Ms. Aida A. Gomez.

 7. Talk of Sr. Leoly

           On the first day, Sr. Leoly gave a talk about Servant Leadership based on the perspectives of Robert Bayleaf and Larry Spears, the marks of a Christian Leader and Qualities of an F.I. Lay Administrator and Educator from the OCWE document. After the talk, a sharing had transpired in the smaller groups about the two topmost qualities of an FI educator/leader that each one would like to have. It was followed by the group reporting. Sr. Leoly thanked everyone for their active participation. She emphasized that the qualities are not only intended for the F.I. educators and leaders that we want to have but also for us as Manresan administrators and coordinators. In this regard, she posed a very significant question for everyone to reflect on: Which of the qualities that surfaced do you already have and which of them do you need to improve and possess?

            In the afternoon, Sr. Leoly gave a heart storming activity where prayer partners shared with each other their concerns, dreams and desires. They also prayed for one another and for Manresa School community. The activity of Sr. Leoly ended with a communal reconciliation for healing and prayer for peace.

6. Talk of Ms. Gomez 1


The second talk was facilitated by Ms. Gomez. It was about Quality Management System which led to the workshop on the revision of Manresa School Vision-Mission Statement.

  5. Session2 group3

4. Session2 group2


3. Session2 group1


The body was divided into three different groups which made a thorough study and discussions on the Vision-Mission Statement using the guide questions, relating it to the given documents on Philippine Catholic School Standards (PCSS) and the Congregation’s call to apostolic action “…to go and proclaim”.

            The administrators and coordinators joined the Sisters in the morning mass the following day. The activity resumed and after a lengthy, tedious but fruitful discussion, the groups presented their outputs. It was a meaningful process because the groups had identified the strengths and limitations of the different aspects of the school and had revised the Vision-Mission that is relevant to the present needs and demands of the time.

The revised vision-mission made by the administrators and coordinators is only an initial step because according to Ms. Gomez, the same process will be conducted to the faculty, staff and other stakeholders in Manresa School at a given schedule.

A collaborative atmosphere and fraternal spirit prevailed because everyone had contributed his/her ideas and efforts with openness, willingness and enthusiasm, bearing in mind the integral education of the 21st century learners in Manresa School context.

2. Calendar of Activities

            The remaining time in the morning was spent to prepare the Calendar of Activities for School Year 2020-2021. The session ended with the distribution of certificates and a closing prayer by Ms. Gomez.

            Indeed, time is too short for hearts filled with love for the shared mission, but the task at hand will be continued for the common good and the benefit of the children and youth entrusted to our care. Everyone went home with love in their hearts and hope for a better tomorrow.

           Thank you Sisters, MRH staff and everyone for the support in this endeavor.

Group picture