What are the distinct characteristics of Manresa School education? How do we respond to the calls and the challenges of the modern time? What kind of graduates are we giving the world? These were some of the salient questions that were asked by the speakers to the participants of the Session on Revisiting the Vision and Mission of Manresa School held in the afternoon of February 5, 2020.


            The session was attended by Manresa School faculty and staff, F.I. Sisters and also by the representatives of Manresa School General Student Board (MSGSB), Manresa School Parents Auxiliary (MSPA), Blessed Candida Maria Foundation (BCMF) and Manresa School Alumni Association (MSAA).

            Sr. Ma. Leoly Quitorio, F.I. welcomed warmly the participants while Ms. Aida Gomez presented the objectives of the session, the documents to be used and other salient information about the school. Mr. Eleazar Solas facilitated the group activity.

   1.Elem. Group

       2.Elem. Group1   Elementary Teachers   

3.JHS group


Junior High School Teachers

6.SHS Group

                         SHS Teachers      

                             7.Staff               Staff            




Students and Alumnus

            There was a serious, sincere and collaborative atmosphere during the group activity. The updated version of the vision and mission of each group during the presentation revealed common terms, words and values that are appropriate and relevant to address the needs of our and the demands of the new educational system in the context and realities of Manresa School.

            Manresa School revisits its vision and mission regularly in order to remain updated, relevant and responsive to the needs of the present time. This activity was a second session in the series of workshops that are being conducted in order to come up with a well-crafted and updated Vision and Mission Statement of the school.  


            The activity signifies another milestone in the history of Manresa School that will give direction and meaning to the educational endeavors of the educative community. This process gave everyone the opportunity to participate and collaborate actively in the shared mission. It also affirmed the sense of community spirit and belongingness, fraternity and unity in the common endeavor. The individual and communal experience of collaboration and discernment will truly help each member embrace, own and live out the updated version of Manresa School Vision and Mission for the benefit of our common children and the greater glory of God.