Manresa School Prepares for School-Year 2020-2021


Manresa School officially began its preparation for the school year 2020-2021 last June 15, 2020 in its annual In-Service training by holding an Orientation and Organizational Meeting of Academic heads and Mid-level Coordinators.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, this school year will hold its classes ON-LINE to safeguard the health of the whole educative community, in line with the National government guidelines. As a unique feature of this school year, a lot of preparations will involve planning and designing instructional materials for the ONLINE teaching on the part of the Teachers, while the coordinators will be busy in the supervision and making sure that the lessons are well-prepared and apt for the children’s level. All persons involved will undergo technological training and must be well-prepared in this challenging tasks ahead.

The day started with a prayer with the theme “Giving with whole-hearted Generosity” led by Mr. Patrick Bugay, Pastoral Ministry Coordinator. A warm welcome address and general orientation was given by Sr. Nelida Peñaflorida, the new Legal Representative of the School. 



Sr. Leoly Quitorio, Local Superior presented the Officials of the School and Coordinators for this school year.

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Mrs. Daphne Peñalosa, Coordinator of Guidance Program, facilitated a “Feeling Check Activity” which is a simple debriefing of the experiences of the participants concerning the ECQ and being under “lockdown”. This was a meaningful and vital sharing of the actual situations, their feelings and the impact of this pandemic on their lives, and most importantly, how they were able to face so far and will be able to face these challenges as the pandemic will indefinitely be with us until a vaccine is discovered.

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The last part of the morning session was the presentation and a detailed explanation of the revised Vision-Mission of the school by Mr. Eleazar Solas, the new Principal. He made it sure that this vision-mission was clearly understood by involving everyone to share their take of it. It was an enriching experience for all as this vision-mission is their reason for being.  


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The in-service training will last up to June 19, 2020, but the prepration of everything will continue until the opening of classes. 

Social Distancing as an important part of the protocol to safeguard everyone's health is very much emphasized at Manresa School as seen below, while the two coordinators await for Guests from DOH for an occular visit.

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