A Virtual Recollection Given by Sr. Cathy Cheong F.I. on July 15, 2020

Amidst the crisis, uncertainties, and the “new normal” it is much appreciated that there is a time to pause, reflect, and recollect about things that matter most.


Sharing one’s experiences/thoughts and feelings that go with these, assures that everyone is in the same boat but greatly differs in responses as capacities of people also vary. A general feeling of fear, worries, uncertainties, frustrations, and ambivalence cloud almost everyone at this time but it is very uplifting when each one expresses a great deal of hope for the future. It brings joy when one sees the finger of God guiding and leading everyone whose faith and trust are deep. It is also very reassuring when many confess God’s control in their lives despite the crisis.

The events at present are not really something new. Jesus’ disciples and our very own Mother Candida were in similar uncertain situations back in their times. It was their courage, deep faith, full trust and dependency on God that allowed them to go through difficult life trials.

It is very promising that people, despite the lack of necessities, can surpass this present crisis for as long as we rely on God’s providence.  As Mother Candida said, “In Jesus we have everything, without Him everything we have is lost.” We just need to fix our gaze in Him, see things through His eyes and be more discerning. Doubts and fears must be replaced with hope knowing that God never abandons His people. We also need to believe that everything happens for a purpose and that a better future awaits when we have the right attitude, a prayerful life and a real relationship with God.