The “Fichas”: Our Jars of Living Water


     Here we were, bringing our jars, some overflowing, some half-full, some submerged in the well....all receiving the gift of living water.  This was what we, as a house, felt when we ended this second set of fichas.


  The words that came to us were and abandonment...going into the deep and flowing with the springs of living water.  Our sharing, which was appreciated by all present, was not one of exuberant merriment, but rather one of quiet, deep joy....of the gift of the "fichas,"  the journey that we went through, the sharing that brought us into a deeper contact with one another, of having each other during this time....even of the pandemic which has 'forced' us to go deeper than usual. 

Words cannot capture the overflowing grace we all felt except this beautiful phrase of Mother Foundress:  "Blessed be God who loves us so dearly."