In 2018, two books, with the titles “Perlas Escondidas en las Cartas de la Madre Candida” (the Hidden Pearls in the Letters of Mo. Candida) were published. The writer of the two volumes was Antonio Grau, a lay educator of an FI school and a prominent member of the Family of Mother Candida. He read through the published letters of Mo. Candida and discovered ‘pearls’ which he weaved into a series of reflections. He is a man who has come to love Mother Candida dearly, assimilated her spirit, and took active part in the 3rd International Encounter of the Lay.

     This series called the Hidden Pearls, adapted from the title of his two volumes, is an attempt for people to come to know Mo. Candida. We pick out a letter of hers, give it a little context, use a snippet of Antonio’s reflection, and post questions that may help us reflect. He has given us permission to use what he wrote, saying that what was written was not for him, but “for those who want to use it to discover Mother Candida today, from the eyes of a layman who one day met the "girl from the village", and who today he continues to discover Juana Josefa, but above all who continues to thank Saint Candida for having passed through his life.” Many thanks, Antonio, for your generosity.