Pearl 33: “…have faith and hope in God... ”

 pearl 33 with title


Tengan mucha fe y esperanza en Dios.”

Actually, the phrase is part of a longer sentence that reads, “Trust in God and in His most holy Mother with great faith and hope......” It is found in Letter 35, written to the sisters in the small community of Bernardos. Mother Foundress wanted to be present to a community that suffered because of the sickness of some of its members. At the time, the situation of these small communities, while not geographically far from one another, were in actuality living much in isolation because of the difficulty of communication and travel at that time. 

           Antonio Grau has this to say: “Having faith is a gift... Trusting someone is a gift. Having faith in God fills a life because it is a gift, a gift to be able to live with confidence in a Father who cares for us.

These words of Mother Candida express the words of nearness and comfort in the face of difficult situations. When being [physically] present becomes difficult, she approaches [her sisters] with a few words of encouragement. She speaks to them about fidelity and security, because there is nothing lacking for someone who is faithful. Above all, to have faith and hope. ...a faith where each day is born anew, that never tires of being open to new hopes. Hope, like the ones that are discovered and defined through the eyes of a child. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       The times we live in today are difficult. But words can give comfort, and encourage the deepening of our faith and hope. Have you received a word of comfort that made your faith and hope stronger lately? Have you been the bearer of faith and hope to others?


·       As our year ends, let us look back to see if we have seen the hand of Divine Providence in our lives, if our faith has grown or faltered, of our hope is given us eyes to see new opportunities, or if hope has wavered within us, making us think that the future will be very bleak. In all this, what do you feel is God telling you?