Year of Saint Joseph Virtual Reflection at SMAD

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How much do I become like Saint Joseph? This is the question that is left into our minds as we prepare our spirit through a very meaningful virtual talk and reflection in celebration of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph: A Spouse to the Blessed Virgin Mary and a foster father to Jesus Christ.


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The virtual talk and reflection entitled: The Year of Saint Joseph was given last March 17, 2021 to all SMAD employees via google meet. The administration invited Father Faiq Edmerson Quinto, OSJ, Rector of the Oblates of Saint Joseph College Seminary in Lipa City to share regarding the 150th Anniversary of the proclamation of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. The said virtual talk was facilitated by the Pastoral Ministry office.

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“To love a person, one must know him first” … these were the words of Father Faiq as he gave us a very meaningful talk about who Saint Joseph is in three aspects: according to the Apostolic letter of the Holy Father Pope Francis: Patris Corde (With a Father’s heart); according to the sacred scriptures; and according to the celebration of the church in this special year.

A carpenter, a husband, and a father are the titles behind the saint. He is a carpenter, but his work does not settle in just carving stones and putting woods together. He is a husband but his influence spreads more than the corners of their home. He is a father, a foster father, but he embraced a role beyond what is asked of him with an open heart and a generous spirit.

The life of Saint Joseph allows us to become builders of lives and a foster to those in need. The events in his life help us realize the importance of having a discerning and kind heart. A heart that can see more than just the surface and gives more than it can receive, a selfless one. To have a glimpse in the life of a saint, Father Faiq challenges us to see and observe every single detail in our personal lives, work, and mission wherein we can be a carpenter to the broken, a pillar of faith to the weary, and a person with diligence, temperance, and prudence.

How much do I become like Saint Joseph? It is a process, a beautiful and cathartic one. Will this process end? I don’t think so, but one thing is certain, we are called to become like Saint Joseph.