Prayer to Mary during this time of Pandemic

In today's dramatic situation, full of suffering and anguish that oppresses the whole world, we come to you, Mother of God and our Mother, and seek refuge under your protection.

O Virgin Mary, turn to us your merciful eyes in this pandemic of coronavirus, and comfort those who are confused and mourn for the loss of their loved ones, sometimes buried in a way that hurts the soul.

Mother of God and our Mother, implore the Father of mercy that this harsh trial should end and that we may find a horizon of hope and peace again. As in Cana, intercede before your Divine Son, asking him to comfort the families of the sick and the victims, and to open their hearts to hope.

It protects doctors, nurses, health workers, volunteers who in this emergency period fight on the front line and risk their lives to save other lives.

A very loving mother, the sense of belonging to a single and great family grows in the world, becoming aware of the bond that unifies us all, so that, in a fraternal and supportive spirit, we may come out in the aid of the many forms of poverty and situations of misery. It encourages firmness in faith, perseverance in service, and constancy in prayer.

O Mary, Comfort of the afflicted, embrace all your troubled children, let God deliver us with His mighty hand from this terrible epidemic, and may life resume its normal course with serenity.

Amen .