The Power of Sharing


     Oftentimes we find ourselves reflecting on the person that we are and on the person we can be, we then find that we become conflicted with our emotions and find it hard to express ourselves due to the circumstances we are in.

      Our former environment in face-to-face school allowed many of us to express ourselves and help clear the path we make for our future through various activities that the school provided such as extracurricular and interactive activities. Sad to say that due to our transition to online learning, we students lose the privilege that helps us be ourselves and open up to others.

      The school considers this and has devised a new plan to help ease the journey students have in online learning. Reflection sessions are allotted every Friday morning and usually consist of interactions among students, and conversations were facilitated by teachers.

     The sessions throughout our first school year of online learning have been able to accompany students and teachers alike with new changes, and with those new changes come new emotions. Teachers are able to connect with students and understand how they feel, enabling these sessions to be healthy outlets of expression as well as allowing teachers to collect empirical data about the students, therefore assisting and promoting an understanding relationship between learners and educators.

     Interactive activities such as discussions and games are standard in the sessions and are often very enjoyable. Reflection is strategically scheduled and becomes a comforting interaction on early Friday mornings to help students cope with the stress they faced earlier in the week. The sessions also prepare and welcome the weekend students have ahead of them and use this as a medium to let go of whatever hardships they have faced throughout the week.

     As a response to the school year coming to a close, the school has constructed a year-end activity to welcome the start of a new adventure and say goodbye to a path walked. The year-end reflection was opened with an inspiring story about the story behind the world-renowned fast-food chain, KFC. Mrs. Rosalie A. Idulsa, the school principal played the role of storyteller and shared the life story of Colonel Sanders, invoking emotion and encouragement within the students. Throughout the session, the question of excellence and failure lingered, asking students if they recognize their greatness and if they have failed to carry on with their dreams due to rejection.

2 power of sharing

     “Success isn’t always about greatness; it is about consistency. “Consistent hard work leads to success, greatness will come,” the quote by Dwayne Johnson was shared to spark and fuel the flame that students have to learn, to prevail with the journey they choose.

1 power of sharing

     As the story of Colonel Sanders was shared, we then ask ourselves, “Have we stopped our attempts to do something great because we were rejected or failed a few times?” “Have we grown weary of fighting for ourselves and for others?” Whatever we may face, it is important to understand that failure builds resilience and through failure, we become stronger and much more determined individuals. The year-end session enlightened us with these lessons very well and reminds us of our potential, like a flame aiming to burn brighter, we must always strive for greatness.

     Life is a marathon; not a sprint. We must never put a strain on ourselves to hurry on our dreams, for success is not a competition with others but a competition with ourselves. We may lose sight of what our dreams really mean, however, we are not alone; we have our friends, our family, our teachers. The school does a splendid job of keeping us students well communicated with our peers through reflection and this eases the loneliness we feel through harsh times such as the COVID pandemic.

3 power of sharing

     As students, it is important for us to remember that we are the future, the youth that has the world in our hands, and it is also important to remember that with great power comes great responsibility. We must continue to uphold the virtues that make us strive for a better world and always present the image of a good Sacred Hearter, one in mission with the Mother Foundress, Saint Candida Maria de Jesus. Remember that we are not alone, we never are, and whatever boundaries our situation may face, we are always able to share, we are always able to reflect.