Midlifers' Encounter


Ten Hijas de Jesus sisters gathered together last May 13 and 14 to share life and experiences. We were open and transparent as we revealed what was happening from our depths. We listened and learned much from our facilitators who were Sisters Aida Jallorina, Catherine Cheong, Felisa Molina, and Leoly Quitorio. Sister Emelinda Falsis also joined the formation session for two days.


The matter was on midlife and the objectives were to know what is the importance and developmental tasks of midlife; the challenges and potentials in consecrated life in the time of midlife and also to have a glimpse of Mother Foundress’ experience when she was in her midlife years.



On the first day, Sister Aida dwelt on the definition of midlife, its importance, the seven limits/ crisis, and the phases during this stage. She also elaborated on tools that can help us as we go through this phase. We were given an opportunity to reflect and to enter our core and get in touch on what was happening within. We were blessed to hear the sacred stories of each one and honor one’s journey. We ended the day filled with gratitude.



The second day began with a song “A quien que iremos?” and this set the atmosphere for the day. Sister Felisa gave a brief recap and then proceeded to her task in ushering us even deeper to this midlife stage. She gave input primarily on GOD’s loving role in this stage and how our relationship with God is intertwined with what was happening in our lives. We were led to discover and name our relationship with God, our understanding of religious life at present, and what do we most long for now with the Lord. And the most important – Who is God to me at present – My image of my GOD. The four challenges of midlife – Body, Dream, Evil, and Death were also discussed while we were given questions to ponder on.

The last part of the day was a sharing from Sister Cathy on Mother Candida. She was presented as a woman who lived life’s moments with much trust in the Lord and yet fully experiencing her humanity. How she dealt with persons, events, trials, surprises. We somehow felt that Mother Candida knew very well what we were feeling right now. Mother Candida inspires us and we admire her person.

Before we parted ways, Sister Lynn gave her message to us to HOPE. H for honoring the God of our journey and your real self; O for owning your personal process and opening your heart to God; P for pushing the help button to ask God’s help and to promote a support system among us and E to embrace who we are and our being daughters!

From Magda, Gemma, Erna Lorena, Jeck, Felie, Marie, Edhen, Dina and Tricia – thank you for giving us the chance to listen, learn, express, and share ourselves and where we are!

Blessed Be God in everything!