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     It was good to hear the deep, melodious and soothing voice again of Padrecito after some time. Yes, Padrecito (the nickname by which his friends call him) or Fr. Roberto Ma. (Bob) Buenconsejo, SJ, took the time to meet sisters and educators and the friends of Mo. Candida through a virtual encounter on May 27, 2021, Thursday, for a session on Mental Health.

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     It is an issue that has been everyone’s concern since the pandemic, and he addressed it well. For an hour he talked about mental health, the warning signs that we need to pay attention to, depression and anxiety, and the  personality types that influence dynamics in the community. He ended with suggestions on how to maintain and improve our mental health and well-being, things that were simple and definitely do-able.

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     After his one hour talk, there was an open forum where persons asked questions through the zoom chat box, voiced out what was in their minds directly, or shared experiences.

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       The topic was timely and very appropriate, given that the pandemic has wreaked havoc in more than one sphere in our life, and the effects on mental health are often felt but not expressed enough. Fr. Bob’s simple yet necessary and very practicable means enlightened us on how we can continue to live life gratefully, taking one step at a time, giving and doing what we can, forgiving ourselves for what we cannot do. The webinar was indeed a welcome formation session for all of us who minister to others. In the process we learned how to take care of ourselves.

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     Many thanks to Sr. Lynn and all those who worked behind the scenes to make this webinar a success.