Pearl 40: “I have faith and hope in the Divine Providence




 and He will provide. May He have mercy on us.”

Tengo fe, espero en la divina Providencia, y El proveerá. Tenga misericordia de nosotras.”

In Letter 42, Mother Foundress talks about a variety of matters. Among them is regret that she could not travel to be with the community of Salamanca due to poor health. Yet she sends them a note full of love and affection, straight from her heart.

           Antonio Grau writes: A woman of faith, a woman full of faith, her driving force, the one that drove her to continue to journey on in spite of the difficulties and suffering. Faith in God- the God who always provides, who always appears and sends you a letter or an email and answers what you were asking with so much force and necessity Confident faith in God, who full of mercy never forgets us.

Me too, Candida Mother, I have faith and I hope in Divine Providence.... we've been here for one more year, with our gaze to heaven and our hearts that continues to trust. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       2020 was an unexpectedly difficult year. 2021 will continue to be so. Do you remember instances when it was your faith that God provides, that God takes care, that carried you through difficult and seemingly hopeless situations?

 ·     Who have been God’s messengers, His faces, throughout this time?

·       To whom have you been a messenger of God’s love?