Entrance to the Postulancy on the 176th Birth Anniversary of Mo. Foundress

 1. Suniya

We, the community of Bangladesh celebrated the 176 Birth Anniversary of Mo. Foundress, with much joy and gratitude.


      We shared our celebration of joy and thanksgiving to all the sisters of the Congregation, especially to the sisters in the Indico-Pacific Province on the Feast of St. Candida. We are happy that the sisters were able to witness the Entrance to the Postulancy of Suniya Clara Raksam via ZOOM on May 31, 2021.

Suniya Clara Raksam courageously and generously responded to the call of God at this time of the Pandemic. She opened herself to the grace of God that He lavished on her without reservation. She is God’s gift to us, as we celebrate the 150th year of our Foundation.

Let us accompany her with our prayers that she may experience deeply the Fatherhood of God in Jesus and with that she’ll grow more in generosity and self-giving as she begins her life as a Postulant.

2. Suniya


We thank you very much Sister Emelinda Falsis for your words of exhortation. It had touched Suniya and the sisters of the community as well.

And to all our sisters from different communities, your virtual presence added meaning and joy to the celebration.