4.SMAD retreat2021

Retreat is a moment of offering a quiet space with the Lord; to pause, look back, embrace the present and see the future with hope and positivity. It is in the stillness of our hearts that we come to realize and appreciate the wonderful miracles of God in our daily lives.


This year’s retreat is memorable and unique for the SMAD Educative community. The school campus was transformed into a space of prayer, a sanctuary where each one encounters God. There were places creatively designed for prayer nook.

5.SMAD retreat2021

1.SMAD retreat2021

2.SMAD retreat2021

3.SMAD retreat2021

6.SMAD retreat2021

7.SMAD retreat2021

8.SMAD retreat2021

9.SMAD retreat2021

A virtual session in the morning was given by the facilitators namely: Sister Catherine Cheong, F.I for the Coordinators, Sister Lilian Lim, F.I for the tenured teachers and some coordinators, Sister Leoly Quitorio, F.I for the Staff and Ms. Frances Batac for the Probationary Teachers. Each one spent most of their time for individual prayer and reflection, following the prayer guides prepared by the facilitators.

We are forever grateful to the Administration and the F.I Sisters for their generosity and support in making this year’s retreat possible for all of us despite the pandemic.