Reflections on the F.I. Teachers’ Congress: Conversations in the Family of Mother Candida in the time of New Normal


 “Blessed be God who loves us so dearly. Blessed be God!” – St. Candida Maria de Jesus 

It was such a heart-warming togetherness and collaboration when we shared experiences as collaborators in the Shared Mission of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation. 


From the sharing of the speakers who represented their group, educators were grateful, fervent in hope and prayer; and resilient. In the midst of unfamiliar and challenging situations, many relentlessly did their best to make a difference particularly in the lives of the young who are entrusted to their care. 

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As St. Candida Maria de Jesus was so trustful in His Divine Providence, we too, are inspired to do the same. Every day of our lives, there is a need to log in to God and stay connected with Him. Trusting Him in times like this gives us assurance that we can go through all these according to His own ways, plan, and time. 



Looking from the perspective of a teacher in the context of Distance Learning, engaging students at a distance creates deep educational attention. The school is more than a physical building. Connectedness is an important factor to learn and the screen becomes a physical barrier between us and our learners. However, we managed to support and guide them in various ways we can possibly do. 

The education of the children should be done with a lot of pastoral care. Outside parental and familial support, it is from our care that they spend the majority of their time in their journey through childhood. 

The new normal has brought us many realizations as it had and is still affecting many aspects of our life. Everything that happens is a grace from the loving Father. It would be good to direct our attention and focus to something positive and life-nurturing; cultivate values, genuinely care for matters which are essential. 


Again, with resilience, strong faith in God, being the right person before God and our fellow brothers and sisters, despite their strengths and frailties, educators should courageously accept the challenge of helping young people unfold their potentials and talents; and develop good moral values especially in the strong conviction that God is our Loving Father and that we are all brothers and sisters.