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Familiar faces.... sisters, close friends.... relatives, benefactors, lovers of Mother Candida....what a way to celebrate August 9 this year!


more sisters


Who would have thought that in this time of the pandemic, when the world cannot come physically together, we would encounter each other to celebrate the Feast of Mother Candida, through a virtual Mass? But with this Province-sponsored mass, organized by the Juniorate community, this became a reality.

the ambientacion

Mother Candida never fails to gather the ones she loves together...with one of our favorite priests, Fr. Edwin Castillo, S.J., who graciously consented to be our mass celebrant and whose HOMILY struck home to those familiar with the charism and spirituality of Mother Candida.


The mass ended with the final message of Sr. Emelinda Falsis --- that as we remember Mother Foundress on this very special day, we should also remember the ones she loved – the poor, the marginalized.  We were encouraged to celebrate today by not filling our tables... but to remember those who have less and to share... 

The goodbyes never seemed to end.  In a gathering of Mother Candida, no one seems to ever want to leave, with greetings and waves and hellos done over and over again.... but, at last, the zoom meet had to end, and we, each, went back to our reality...to go spread the love of Jesus Christ in the way of Candida Ma. de Jesus.

two postulants

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