Hearters’ Eucharistic Experience during the Discernment in Common

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 Cebu City, Philippines - Sacred Heart School –Hijas de Jesus embarked on the process of apostolic discernment from August 12 to 13, 2021. The first part had been participated in by 34 members of the educative family who had been chosen to represent all sectors in school. They were invited and were willing to participate in the process.


The second part was attended by 24 participants. Weeks before the actual apostolic discernment in common, all participants were reminded of the criteria for discernment as well as the necessary attitudes to collaborate with the process: capacity to listen: vulnerable listening, capable of putting oneself in the place of the other person; it is not armored or closed listening; being aware of biases and preconditions; capacity to communicate: communication that comes from the heart – the space where God desires to inhabit and love when one is open to let him enter; and personal involvement and commitment to the process: interior freedom; opening one's heart without interferences to the motions that God inspires in him/her. Sr. Georgita Hormillosa, F.I. served as the facilitator of the process, while Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa was the secretary.

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Looking back at the recently concluded apostolic discernment in common, Sr. Gette’s words echoed “With certainty – accountability, with doubts – liberty; in everything – charity.” The words resonated during the whole process with the necessity of getting in touch with and being aware of their uniqueness, mental framework, personal disposition, biases, and pre-conditions which were very challenging, difficult, exhausting, mind-blowing yet also edifying, transformative, spirit-uplifting, and liberating. The Holy Spirit was ever-present with the participants and the openness of heart they showed was consoling as they opened themselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit and let themselves be changed by the whole process.

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The apostolic discernment process brought forth communion and a sense of peace as it resulted in the prioritization of two specific calls from the 18th General Congregation, namely: Spirituality of Care (Laudato Si) and Pastoral ministry with the Youth. This gave a sense of hopefulness that as a family of Mother Candida in Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus, they can synergize their plans and endeavors to effect more vigorously and with much vitality the specific matters of concern, contexts, and realities that they will embrace as they tread the path of enlivening the spirituality of care and journey closer with the youth through the pastoral ministry. In all these were prayer and a desire to bring glory to God, give generous service to the whole Church, and propagate the charism of mother Foundress, St. Candida Maria de Jesus.

It ended with the celebration of the Eucharist, but the discernment process continues as they answer the invitation to love and serve God in everything.