1. Blessed be God who loves us so dearly. Blessed be God! Blessed be God!

2. God is a loving Father, in Him, we put our trust. God is a loving Father, He'll never abandon us.

3. God wills it!

4. In everything, we have to see the hand of God.

5. Live with a burning love for Jesus (3X) and enkindle the entire world, that He may be loved and praised by all.

6. Let us love Christ as He loves us and we will find true happiness.

7. When our only desire is to please God, He gives us the courage to fulfill and accept everything for love of Him.

8. Where there is no room for the poor, neither is there room for me.

9. Let there be charity among all of you, with mutual care and close union with God.

10. The world is too small for my desires.

11. I will go to the uttermost parts of the world in search for souls.

12. Candida Maria ...(Japanese)