Pearl 49: “Let us have a big heart, a generous heart...




... totally for God and for Him alone.”

Tengamos un corazón grande, generoso, solo para Dios y todo para Dios.

          Letter 51 is very long and interesting.  Like a lot of her other letters, Mother Candida talks of many things – students, sisters, the things needed by the Bishopric of Salamanca, “bulls,” remodeling the house, another classroom…..and in the middle of the letter she has this phrase – to have a big and generous heart for God and for Him alone.

         Just as interestingly, Antonio Grau writes:  “Have a heart. What good is a clear and effective head without a heart? What's the use of being a genius if you don't have a heart? Prefer to be a person with a heart and lots of mercy than being an efficient work machine.

        Living with a ‘heart’ makes a person great. It's like having a big heart where everyone and all circumstances fit… where one can suffer but where one can also share.  It’s the best remedy to not feel alone….

        A generous heart is a heart with eyes open. A heart capable of giving, capable of understanding and accepting what it does not understand and does not share, because the things of life can not only

be seen with the eyes of reason, they can not only be understood with cold figures and human statistics.

        A heart only for God is to have the decision to convert my life in the closest thing to that of God and, therefore, live from the consistency and not from convenience; its a heart that remains and trusts enormously…. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



To have a big and generous heart for God

$·   Have I ever been a recipient of this kind of generosity?  When and how?  Can I re-live the experience?

$·  Have I ever done something big and generous for God?  Something big may not be something grandiose.  It may in fact appear small in the eyes of the world, but I have given it my all – all my effort, all my love, all my sacrifices....and it gives me joy because I have done it for the Lord.

Can I recall and re-live this experience too?

·        What does this saying and my experiences teach me about life?