Pearl 50: “Let us remember Jesus, Mary and Joseph always in our hearts.

Holy Family


...They are the only ones who do not abandon us.”

Siempre en nuestros corazones a Jesús, María y José:  ellos son los único que no abandonan.

          The phrase is poignant considering the difficulties Mother Candida had to go through in life.  It was written to Sr. Joaquina Gomez, a sister, a friend, a confidante. In this letter, Mo. Candida thanks Sr. Joaquina in these words – “May God reward your charity toward the little grandfather.  God receives these very acts of charity for the eternal repose of your beloved parents.”  Who was the little grandfather referred to here? It was Mother Candida’s own biological father.  Sr. Joaquina would keep an eye on him to see how he was as Mother Foundress was often away.

         Antonio Grau has little to say here except:  “How right Mother Candida was many years ago.  They are the only ones who do not abandon.”

        In the times that she felt alone, she knew that her heavenly family, and in a sense, her real and true family, was always there for her, never abandoning, never leaving her.  When she couldn’t find human help, heaven readily extended its hand.. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



Have you ever experienced having no one to talk to?  No one to listen to you?  Or times that you felt no one understood you?  We who are children of the faith must have whispered prayers.

$·       To whom did you whisper your prayer?

$·       In the silence of our hearts, what prayer did you whisper?

$·    Did you get an answer – through a feeling of peace, consolation, strength, hope, courage, of just being held or listened to?

$·       What about re-living that experience, remembering, and giving thanks?