Pearl 52: “The most important thing is the salvation of our souls.”

Pearl 52 

Lo principal es la salvación de nuestros almas.”

          In Letter 55, we can see Mother Foundress’ worry about the sick sisters.  But even as she prayed for their health, she knew what was the most important thing to consider – the salvation of our souls.

         Antonio Grau reflects on this: “I believe that, if today we did a survey on the street, in different environments, at different ages, in different jobs or professions ..., we would not find this answer…      

            However, what does it mean to save my soul? What consequences does it have for this life? To save my soul, listen to my interior, discover that part of me that is invisible, is to give more meaning to my life. Is to find the reasons that give force my actions, it is not being afraid to take a path, it is to notice that you are never alone. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



What about us?  If the salvation of our souls is important, what does it mean to us in this life?

$·       What are the choices that we must make?

$·       What are the attitudes that we have to imbibe and live out?

$·       Who are the persons we are invited to love?

$·       Are we willing to go, as Antonio says, into our interior, and encounter there the One who never leaves us?