Pearl 53: “I remember her constantly in my prayers...

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Picture12 that the Lord will deign to give her what is best for the good of her soul.”

Pido mucho por ella en mis oraciones para que el Señor se digne darle lo que más convenga para la salud de su alma.”

         Mother Foundress’ concern over the deteriorating health of Sr. Josefa Ignacia is reflected in this statement found in Letter 56. We know from the footnotes of Letter 53 that the sickness of Sr. Josefa Ignacia progressed, but that she was a witness of joyful endurance of suffering and a serene acceptance of God’s will, by which she became an example to all who knew her. Sr. Josefa Ignacia died at the young age of 30.

         In this time of the pandemic, Anotnio Graus’ refection seems very apt: “Pray and leave [the matter] in the hands of God. Pray a lot. Pray for what is best. Praying for someone already implies that you remember them. When someone prays for you it also implies that you are never alone, and that someone is close to you. How great that is!

         Prayer is today a good instrument for closeness. When I pray to God for others, sometimes I forget that my request must be in the line of Mother Candida’s way and thoughts: ‘give her what is best [for the good of her soul]. …But what is best for us? How do we find what is best from the perspective of God? How do we understand God’s response?

       Mother Candida talks about the health of the soul. She insists that having a ‘healthy’ soul is, she tells us again, something about the health of the soul. She insists that having one is important. How do we keep our soul in good health?”(Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



In this time of the pandemic, not-so-good surprises come upon us like a blow from nowhere, that makes us reel, and knocks us over. And so Antonio Grau’s reflections help us to keep our feet on the ground, and peace in our souls.

$·       What have been the ‘surprises’ that have come your way?

$·       Who have you invited to pray for with this ‘surprise?’

$·       Who has been praying for you?

$·       What has been the response of God? How do you read the Providence that has come your way?

$·       How do you read His silence?

$·       Deep in your soul, where do you find your anchor and your peace?

$·       For you, where is God at this time of suffering?