Pearl 56: “Tell her to cheer up and to take care of herself….”.


Digale usted que se anime y se cuide..”

         Letter 59 is a very short letter and Mother Candida, inspite of her the many matters that she had to attend to, always had a word for the sick.  This time it is to ask a sister who was sick to cheer up and take care of herself.  In her time she knew each and every sister who was unwell.

         Antonio Grau writes about two key words he finds in this letter: “Cheer up” which is one of encouragement, and to “take care.”  The words of encouragement, directed at the person, is; to help the person overcome difficulties.  And the phrase “take care” voices the concern of Mother Foundress for the other.  (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



In times of sickness often we are left not knowing what to say to the sick, especially those who are severely ill.  But a word, a touch, a gesture of encouragement is enough to tell the other that she is remembered, prayed for and that she is not alone.

$·       What words of encouragement have come to you when you were ill that helped in cheering you up and urged you to recover well?

$·       What words or gestures of encouragement and concern have come from you to one that is very sick?