Being Joyful with St. Candida Maria de Jesus


People, like the saints, who have faced tremendous adversity and struggle only to come out victors, have proven that the choices we make each day decide how we want to live, what our future looks like, and how we will feel throughout the journey.


This October, the SMAD educative family focused on their monthly reflection on the piece written by Sr. Leoly Quitorio, F.I., published on the SMAD website on the Joy in the life of St. Candida Maria de Jesus. An indication of Mo. Candida's personal experience of the unconditional love of a God who is Father revealed to her in Jesus Christ. She was canonized for sainthood last October 17, 2010.

The following questions served as guides for meditation: 1. What is your takeaway from the article, Joy in the life of St. Candida Maria de Jesus? 2. How can you become a bearer of joy like St. Candida Maria de Jesus in this time of the pandemic? Everyone wrote their takeaway thoughts and feelings from the article in the colored post-it papers or cards for posting on the “Wall of Joy” near the chapel prepared by the Pastoral Team.

Indeed, being joyful is the work of the Holy Spirit, the presence of God Almighty in our lives. May we constantly pray for St. Candida's intercession as F.I educators in becoming bearers of joy as we go forward in our mission together with the Hijas de Jesus sisters in celebrating their 150 years as a congregation in creating a joyful community for everyone.