Bangladesh Update: Training of the Teacher-Catechists


A training seminar for Teachers-Catechists was held at the Social Formation Center, Bhatikashore, Mymensingh for two groups: one on September 30 to October 4, 2021, with 100 participants and the second, on October 7 to 10, 2021 with 85 participants.

The theme of the seminar was “Bible in our Daily Life”. Here it was emphasized that The Word of God is very important for all Christians but especially for the catechists because it is their source of our inspiration and teaching for them. “To become a catechist is a call, a vocation from the Lord”.




Different topics were given to the participants by priests and sisters. Sr. Marilou J. Guillano, F.I. gave a talk on the “Liturgical Seasons of the Church”. They were very happy because they learned many things from the different speakers. They were very participative, active, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. After the inputs, they were allowed time for a group sharing of their impressions and takeaways.


During the two events, Sr.Eufemia Solleza, F.I., and Sr. Marilou Guiliano, F.I. worked together with the lay collaborators in the kitchen and in the dining hall. The participants stayed in the Social Formation Center during the seminar. It was a hectic schedule but rewarding. Everything was done for the greater glory of God.