Putting Smile on Their Faces

1.Behinda the mask a Smile

Behind the mask, a smile

“Where there is no room for my poor, neither is there room for me. “  Our dear Mother Foundress would always remind us to take care of the poor in our midst.  The present pandemic situation leads us to open our eyes to the needs of our brothers and sisters nonetheless here in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental.


           3.behind the mask

2. behind the mask


      This month of October, we are so blessed to have received 50 sacks of rice from a very generous donor, our dear Alumna of Sacred Heart School, Cebu City who is now residing in Iligan City.  The sacks of rice were distributed to the poor families of Zone 2 and 4 in Ulaliman, tri cab drivers of Divine Mercy  Shrine, and to the different zones in PSB Ulaliman.  

4. behind the mask 5. behind the mask


The sisters also shared rice with the fisher folks in barrio Amoros and  Tambaling.  Some sacks were also given to the hermit sisters for them to distribute to the poor in their areas.  The sisters also shared the rice with the shrine workers and poor families in the vicinity.   The packs had brought joy and smiles to the families who were able to receive them. 

The distribution of the packs would not be possible without the help and effort of the young people from zone 2, PSB Ulaliman who were also glad and happy to have served in their own way.  These are the youth with whom the sisters are accompanying at present.  Sr. Felie Acelo, Sr. Dionisia Quela, and Sr. Delia  Pedroso were with them during the distribution. 

Blessed be God who never fails to feed the hungry, especially in this time of crisis.