In the Family of God. In the Family of Mother Candida.


It was a strong pull. Like a magnet drawing us to its field. Such is the drawing power of Mother Foundress’ charism and spirituality.


So, we found ourselves coming together in August/September 2014, drawn by an inexplicable force. We were alumni of Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, former teachers, former and current clinic and office staff, parents of Hijas de Jesus students, and friends. Thirteen ladies.

Of varying vocations, we felt a common call: to walk in the way of Jesus through living Mother Candida’s spirituality. We called ourselves Friends of St. Candida.

With former Provincial Superior Sr. Georgita Hormillosa as our guide and mentor we feed on the milk of the Word of God, obtain practical teaching in Ignatian and Candidan spirituality, and try hard to live that spirituality.

It has been seven years. We have all grown, little by little. With God’s grace.

We made retreats, listened to teachings,

soaked in the Word of God, immersed ourselves in the life and works of Mother Candida, reflected deeply on our human and faith lives, prayed together.

We went on pilgrimages, conducted medical and outreach missions to the marginalized, rubbed elbows with them, raised funds for those in need.

We shared each other’s experiences and struggles, celebrated milestones, laughed, cried, encouraged and supported one another, enjoyed sweet fellowship, walked our faith together.

In this time of the pandemic we rely on Zoom meetings and our chat group to stay connected, to pray together, and to continue to walk alongside each other. Sisters Georgette and Cathy (Cheong) are our guides. We share our reflections and insights on Mother Candida’s letters and hidden pearls. We participate in online offerings and events of the Family of Mother Candida. We take seriously our shared mission with the Hijas de Jesus congregation.

We are so thankful for one another, for this unique group, for our friendship. We hold dear our relationship with God: He being our Father, we being his beloved children. We are so blessed. Thank you, Mother Candida. Thank you, God.


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