Life’s Simple Truths: a Reflection

Levi simplicity 

Many things we learn in life when it’s too late. But then we can make our future better by enhancing our understanding of life and learning from past mistakes.


When I look back at my earlier years in life, I see that many of the thoughts I had that time have completely changed over time as life unfolds gradually in front of me.

With time, I gain new perspectives. I see more clearly what went wrong to avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you some things that can assist you in understanding your life’s journey better.

To start with, our perception of money. Many would associate money with success and blindly follow any path that leads to that direction. If it becomes your ultimate goal, you will have no time to stay calm and enjoy a day passing by. But if you see it as just a necessary tool to lead a life, you will have a relatively peaceful lifestyle.

Subsequently, many of us chase career titles or social status — and yet we don’t feel successful when we get those things. That’s because we can only measure success in our life when we define what drives our happiness and helps us find purpose. 

Lastly, friends matter, and family is a choice. They are part of our life. They are there to help us get up after a fall and hold us when we are celebrating. We choose them to be part of our life. We choose them to be part of our own family.

Therefore, celebrate small victories. When you take action and celebrate it, you decide to reward yourself for each step that you make.  It then helps you to stay more focused on reaching your destination.


A reflection on the Article: Simplicity  (November issue of the 12 months, 12 experiences: 150 years Charism and Spirituality of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation)