Oh, the Glorious Sixties and After…


A whole new world opens up in the third quarter of a person’s life ---that is, if one was willing and open to allow the spirit of God to lead where He wants us to go.


On November 17, 2021, 28 sisters gathered to have a virtual formation session with Fr. James Gascon, SJ on “Winning a Game in the Last Quarter of Life.”  It was about how to Re-tire graciously, re-tire as in changing tires, changing gears.


We looked at the dichotomies of life, where we could be fixated, what areas we could grow into. They were identified as seeing aging as something physical vs the metaphysical; preparing to die vs living life to the fullest; the loss of function and utility vs growth in vocation, mission; counting what was lost vs seeing what gifts are new; complaining vs offering; success vs fidelity and entertainment vs gratitude among others.

The talk shifted to the greatest “sins” in life – which Fr. Gascon identified as comparing yourself to others and not having known yourself.  After this, the sisters broke into groups (via break-out rooms) to reflect and answer the questions of where we were most challenged at the moment, where we were being called by God, and what we were called to offer and surrender.

After the group sharing, we came back for Part 2 which dealt with aging as life in the spirit, where we were all reminded of the preeminent place of God and prayer in our life and vocation as a “fire” that is shared with us, an ongoing story of God’s call and our response.  As Fr. Gascon said, “Our story is meant to be revisited and retold over and over again” because it is through this that our call is clarified and commitment affirmed.


We ended by being reminded of our Formation goals, which ultimately end with configuration in Christ.  We were all very grateful for this session, hoping to live our lives more fully from now on, and looking forward to other sessions in the future.

Fr. James and the participants...