Deepening on the Life of Saint Joseph: A Reflection

1. deepening on St. Joseph

Upon receiving an announcement that we will have a deepening session about Saint Joseph, I don’t know what to expect. All that I have in mind is that I have to attend the webinar and just note down significant points. I was praying for strength, wisdom, and creativity for me to be able to finish the tasks given to me.


The morning before the webinar, I have received a message from our dear RCA Sister Tricia that I will make a simple web article about our deepening session on Saint Joseph. I accepted the task and I took it as an opportunity for me to be more motivated to listen to the speaker. Then, I started to think that there might be something in the webinar that I could relate to or something so significant that might help me in the future.

Our speaker was Father Faiq Edmerson Quinto, OSJ. He cited two points about the life of Saint Joseph which are “Creativity” and “Work”. Aside from that, there were a lot of wonderful points in his talk which I find very relevant in our current disposition related to our work as  F.I. educators and also to our personal lives. He mentioned, “Turning problems into a possibility”. That was so wonderful. With so many tasks to do and so many deadlines that we have to meet, it makes us anxious as we also encounter difficulties along the way. We see them as problems. We need to change our perspective and treat it as an opportunity to seek and see God. Encountering problems is an opportunity to become creative. We just have to trust God in that creative process. Base on my personal experience, there were so many moments of life that wonderful and creative ideas comes out at times that I was so pressured. Our creativity gives us opportunities and possibilities to overcome difficulties.

There are three (3) things that the speaker mentioned about “Work” that I find so significant.

First, “Work gives dignity to human person”. It struck me. Then it came to my mind that if you have work or a job, you are doing something good not only for yourself but also for others. You provide service to other people. A person that is true to his service is worthy to be respected regardless of whatever job he has. He also mentioned, “Work should not be something to look down on”. We should not judge a man based on his job. Everyone has a role and purpose in this world.

Second, “Work is an expression of love” With no doubt we all complain about or work most especially if we have so many tasks at hand and so many deadlines to meet. Most of the time we forget to whom we are working for. It is not only referring to the institution or employer but it is all about our loved ones and to whom we dedicate our work. We need to work so that we may serve others and make our society better. We need to love our work because many do not have work most especially in this time of the pandemic. Work is a blessing and an opportunity to express your love for others through service.

Third, “Work should contribute to the holiness of other people”. As an educator, we have to be aware that our work has a great impact on our students. We should not limit ourselves to just creating activities and gathering outputs and meeting deadlines for our paper works. We are vowed to hone our students to become better versions of themselves and to become God-fearing. So that they may too reflect the moral values to other people when the time comes that they will have their own work. This is a challenge to become true to our service because sometimes we forget our main purpose as an educator when we encounter difficulties and work pressures. We always have to keep in mind that we are working not only for our personal desires but for the betterment of the lives of others most especially our students.

In our deepening session in the life of Saint Joseph, I realized that I needed the wisdom brought out by the speaker. It was not just another given information that affirms my previous knowledge. It was something that was fruitful and worthy to be given recognition and to be reflected. Something worth to be shared with other people most especially those who are struggling in their line of work. That includes me, for I am also struggling in my line of work in so many ways. It was so unexpectedly timely. A pleasant surprise not only fulfilling in the eyes and mind but also in our hearts. I did not expect that the life of Saint Joseph has a big impact on me. I am inspired to go deeper in his life that I may discover more about myself through the life of Saint Joseph. As I have mentioned, I was praying for strength, wisdom, and creativity for I was in the middle of my struggle in work. It was granted in a way that I did not expect and it was a very wonderful surprise. I am thankful to our school administration, Pastoral Ministry, and to our beloved F.I. Sisters, and also to Father Faiq Edmerson Quinto for providing us a wonderful experience with Saint Joseph that will draw us closer to God. My prayers were answered. 

By Earl Fernandez