Pearl 61: “Let us do things out of love for God.


He precedes us with His example so that we may love Him, and work because we love Him.”.

Hagámoslo por amor a Dios, pues ejemplo nos da para que le amemos y por su amor trabajemos.”

          This pearl, contained in Letter 65, talks about God’s will.  And yet it was so clear to Mother Foundress that we fulfill God’s will out of love, because He has loved us first, and endured, in her words, “tremendous torments” for our salvation.  She then invites us to die with Jesus so that we can rise with Him.

         As Antonio Grau reflects,  this beautiful life, where it is vital to find meaning in it, we discover in this pearl a reason to work, a reason to live: "to work for the love of God."  “We are disciples and followers of Jesus. Every day, every time we fight our selfishness, we conquer death. Every day, every moment that we love, serve and give ourselves to others, we produce life ”(Francisco Ortega, in Id Magazine).

        To work for the love of God is to be partakers of a dream that we want to make into reality, and we need to collaborate, and see that no one is excluded….to discover the reason in our lives…to dedicate a life to a dream, just as Mary did. Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



Sometimes when we hear the words “the will of God” we get a little scared, thinking that it is something heavy, demanding that God will ask from us.  But Mother Candida sees this from a different perspective.  It is doing something that pleases the beloved because it is based on a love that is deep and mutual.  Doing the will of God gives meaning to life.

  1.       In what way are you doing the will of God-

a)     In the state of life you are in?  Are you a good spouse?  A good single blessed person?  A religious?

b)     In your work? Are you conscientious, diligent?  Or do you skip steps, “palusot” as it were, and are satisfied with a mere passable work?

c)     As a what areas are we growing? What virtues are being nourished?