The Provincial Government Meets with the Local Superiors


The virtual meeting of the Province of Indico-Pacific Government with the local Superiors was held from the 24th to the 26th of March 2022 via Zoom meeting.  The sessions were all held in the morning and the participants found the schedule more favorable.


Day 1

The first part of the morning session was solely for the local superiors. Sr. Emelinda Falsis,  the Provincial Superior, welcomed the participants, introduced the theme “ Synodality Experience: Listening, Dialogue and Participation” and discussed the objectives of the 3-day meeting.  As a grounding exercise, she made a graphic presentation of  Congregational statistics per province and country. The Sisters in turn gave their impressions, shared resonances,  and challenges as perceived by these realities presented to them.

On the second part of the morning’s session, the local superiors were joined by the “encargadas”, vice superiors, first local consultors of the houses/communities. The document  “Guidelines and Orientations on the Duties and Responsibilities of the Local Superior in the New Structure of Communities” was presented by Srs. Ma. Leoly Quitorio and Joji Silorio.  The document was a fruit of laborious effort, the teamwork of the members of the Provincial Government. The Sisters felt happy and are grateful for having a document that is comprehensive, practical, and clarifies the role of the local Superior and the “encargada” in the community /houses.


Day 2


On the second day,  the local superiors had a session with Sr. Georgita Hormillosa, local Superior of the Cebu-Mindanao Community on  Part IX, Chapter 5  of the Constitutions of the Hijas de Jesus (CFI);  made a  short revisit to the Formula of the Institute, the basic source to understand the organization of our Institute and inspire our being Hijas de Jesus.  The Local Superiors had an opportunity to reminisce and share their own experiences of joys, struggles, difficulties, and challenges of spiritual governance,  to serve with utmost love the Lord in and through the community. Before the morning session ended, the new version of the “Dispositions and Practical Orientations in the Exercise of Government “ was presented by Sr. Remedios Cabrera.



Day 3 

On the third and last day of the meeting, the local Superiors were joined by the “encargadas”, vice superiors, Legal Representatives, RCAs, FI Principal, and school treasurers.  Sr. Emelinda Falsis, the Provincial together with her Counselors – Srs. Ma. Leoly Quitorio, Isabel Romero, Victoria Lim, and Joji Silorio gave an echo of Bishop Luis Marin’s “Synodality, Presence of the Church, Ten Theological Premises and Sr. Maria Luisa Berzosa’s “What does Synodality bring to Religious Life? The Provincial Government has delivered a simplified, descriptive, and substantial presentation.  In turn, the Sisters were open, simple in giving their impressions and insights, resonances,  disturbances, and experiences of participation in the synodal process – parish or in diocesan phase.

What transpired during the three-day meeting was a “synodal experience of journeying together”.  It was a moment of grace according to Sr. Emelinda Falsis.   In her closing remarks, she referred to the meeting as a venue for every sister to be listened to and to listen attentively with their hearts, unbiased and non-judgmental.  She urged the Sisters to allow themselves to be inspired, to be disturbed, to be questioned, and to be animated by the Holy Spirit so as to bring dynamism to the synodal process.




May we, Hijas de Jesus, staunchly respond to this heartfelt appeal of Pope Francis "Let us not soundproof our hearts; let us not remain barricaded in our certainties. So often our certainties can make us closed. Let us listen to one another."