Pearl 75: “Blessed be God, may He protect us and never abandon us.”


Bendito sea Dios y Él nos ampare y no nos deje nunca…

         This letter, dated September 5, 1895, that speaks with affection of the ill, of an aspirant who probably had to go home, and speaks of a disappointment in a failure to buy a house is typically Mother Foundress.  The phrase above, founded in this letter no. 80 also shows us her firm resolve, her trust, and her constant seeking for God’s protection in her endeavors. 

       The phrase is so apt as we battle disinformation and battle for clean elections in May, as we pray for peace in Ukraine, as we pray for the Russian people who do not want the Russia-Ukraine war.  Let us bless God and pray for His protection for He never abandons us.

        Let us see what Antonio Grau has to say in his reflections: “…as Mother Candida says, in Him we have everything.  What would we do without Him? Who is my protection? Is God my refuge? Where do I take refuge when do I need care and protection?”    (Paraphrased to make things easier to read and understand)


       In this troubled world, let us lift up to God in prayer all the situations in the world that hurt and that are in need of healing.  Take time to see them in your mind’s eye and appeal to God for His healing and protection.

       Then let us take a long, hard look at ourselves with the questions Antonio Grau poses to us:

       When time gets tough and the going gets rough,

       where do I take refuge when I need care and protection?

       Is God my refuge?  Is He my protection?