“Finding God in All Things”: SHS-HdJ Lenten Recollection 2022

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     Last March 18, 2022, the faculty and staff of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus held their Lenten Recollection facilitated by Sr. Georgita P. Hormillosa, F.I. and Mr. Phil Christian Morales. The recollection focused on the theme “Finding God in All Things.”

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The faculty and staff were invited to discover how the Lord has accompanied us in our life journey up to now, how God has been present and active in our daily lives, and where we can find God… in all things.

The following points were striking in the inputs shared by the facilitators:

·   We can meet God in the most personal way: a God who is near, a God who cares, a God who is very much present in our own personal lives.

·   Finding God in all things entails sensitivity of heart and a certain level of perceptivity that is aware of God’s presence, trusting that he is always reaching out to us.

·    Finding God in all things is proactively and consciously finding God in spiritual activities, in human relationships, and in our day-to-day ordinary activities and experiences.

·  To find God in all things is to find God in both the joys and the pains; looking for God not only in the graces given by Him but also even in our own pains and sorrows, where it hurts, no matter how difficult they may be.

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Along with the enriching inputs shared by the facilitators, the faculty and staff were also given a meaningful time of personal silence to reflect on where God is in their joys and in their pains. The faculty and staff enjoyed the sharing sessions allotted for them to share what they are thankful for and what their pains and sorrows are and listen to each other’s deep and heartfelt reflections. At the end of each outpour of hearts is a brighter and renewed realization that God has always been there and will also be there… with us, for us.

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The recollection concluded with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rev. Fr. Dederick Macaire Andrinjatovo, SVD. Aside from the meaningful communion with the Lord where he is most truly present—i.e., in the Eucharist—Fr. Andrinjatovo had also shared an eye-opening homily stressing three salient points:

1.  Finding God in all things does not entail that God has been lost and we need to find Him. God has been and will always be in all things; all we need is to recognize Him in all the people and experiences that we had.

2. Recognizing God in the people that we meet entails a certain level of othering. The African philosophy of Ubuntu resonates so well with how we should recognize the Lord’s presence in our lives. Ubuntu means “I am because we are.” Our individual existence is not a lone island. We are beings by others, with others, and for others.

3.  The Lenten observance of fasting and abstinence is not just about discipline. It’s about thinking well of others and giving them more goods. We fast and abstain to save more for our least, lost, and last brethren.

The whole recollection ended with hearts grateful to God, a renewed spirituality, and an attentive perception of God’s loving presence in each turn of events, in each person met, and in each experience cherished.

Indeed, in the words of our Mother Foundress, “How great are God’s works, how deep must our gratitude be for Him.”