THE BEST GIFT IS FORGIVENESS (Manresa School Maintenance Personnel’s Lenten Recollection)

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     For all of us, it is good to reflect on what really Lent invites us to do. Lent stands on a tri-pod – prayer, almsgiving and fasting. More than any time of the year, we are asked to pray, give alms and fast during this Lenten season.

     Manresa School’s Maintenance personnel had their Lenten Recollection last April 4 with Fr. Joseph “Jolan” D. Landero as the facilitator. The theme of the recollection is, “FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION”.

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     Fr. Jolan give emphasis on the word “prayer”. He said that Lent is a season of prayer. Meaning, a season for better prayer. It is not about multiplying our prayers but rather focusing on the quality of our prayer to be offered to God. Our prayer must take root in our hearts to lead us on the righteous path. The path of forgiveness and reconciliation.

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     Prayer helps us to deepen our relationship with God as well as in our relationship with each other. If I may say, the best prayer we can offer to God this Lenten season is the prayer for forgiveness. When we pray the prayer for forgiveness, we praise God who is rich in mercy. Also, we express our faith in God who is loving in spite of us.

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     God has given us the best gift, His forgiveness. The best gift that we can offer Him is our prayer for forgiveness. Is not our life, a gift of forgiveness? God knows how wicked we are yet He still give us life every day. Is not the presence of each and everyone in our life, a sign of forgiveness? God blesses us with this because He is rich in mercy.

     Dear brothers and sisters, let us always acknowledge that the best gift God has given us is forgiveness and the best prayer we can offer to Him is our prayer for forgiveness. May we forgive ourselves for us to forgive each other. Let us ask God to keep FORGIVENESS always alive in our hearts.

Some pictures during the mass

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