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     Fr. Dave Domingues, MCCJ, gave a “TALK ABOUT SYNODALITY” to the Faculty and Staff of Manresa School last April 5, 2022.

     Fr. Dave begun his talk by differentiating the terms “synod” and “synodality. Synod is an ancient and venerable word in the Tradition of the Church, whose meaning draws on the deepest themes of Revelation. It indicates the path along which the People of God walk together. Synodality denotes the particular style that qualifies the life and mission of the Church, expressing her nature as the People of God journeying together and gathering in assembly, summoned by the Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel. It ought to be expressed in the Church’s ordinary way of living and working.In his personal point of reflection, this is a journey that all of us are called to truly listen to the Lord and to one another so we can walk together as People of God.

     He continues, “God gathers us together as diverse people of one faith, through the covenant that he offers to his people (communion). He is calling us to engage in the exercise of deep and respectful listening to one another (participation) and we can never be centered on ourselves because our mission is to witness to the love of God in the midst of the whole human family” (themes of the Synod).

     The purpose of this Synod is not to produce more documents. Rather, it is intended to inspire us to dream about the Church we are called to be. A Church that is in journey of growing authentically towards the communion and mission that God calls us to live out in the third millennium.

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     In this Synod on Synodality, it is good to ask ourselves, do we believe in this journey? Or maybe, the right question is, do we still believe in our Church?

     For us to answer this, perhaps our standard should be not what other people might do or say, but what the Lord will do and say if He were in our situation. Definitely, He will make our hopes prosper, kindle our trust, heal our wounds, put together new relationships, guide us to learn from one another, help us to build bridges and restore strength in us for our common mission. This is not an easy journey for all of us. But, if God will be our standard, all will be well for us.

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     Our standard in this journey must be God. We need to accept this in our hearts for us to walk together as People of God. At the end of this journey, we will come to realize how much hope God gave us to listen to Him and to one another.

      Very truly, we are called to be evangelizers, to be listeners and to be faithful followers of the Lord.

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