Pearl 77: “May everything be for the glory of God,...

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 Pearl 771

...and may Mary, in the feast of her Sweet Name that we have just celebrated, give us peace and joy.

Sea todo por Dios, y el dulce nombre de María que celebramos nos de paz y alegría.

         There are two times in Letter 82 where Mother Foundress asks God to give her patience.  Yet she prays that everything, which includes both the lights and shadows in her apostolic endeavors, will be for the glory of God.  Always shielded beneath Mary’s mantle, she asks for peace and joy.

        We have these thoughts from Antonio Grau’s reflections. “God’s life surrounds those who fix their gaze on Him. We also take care of others, as God would take care of them. I ask myself: this so simple, so easy to understand, is it useful for today? I see Mother Candida again in constant prayer when in the midst of the hustle and bustle, in the midst of the combined conversations with answers, she has nothing left to say but all that we do is for God and for God and that, furthermore, we do not forget Mary, who is asked for something simple:  peace and joy.”

      Antonio then quotes Guzman Carriquiry: “The mission of the layperson is nothing else but to communicate the gift of the encounter with Christ, who has given another taste, another freedom, another happiness, another humanity to life itself”. To live with peace and joy is to discover that this life is worthwhile, that selfishness only leads us to loneliness and sadness.

Yesterday we began a new season of Advent, a new

     Peace and joy sound like traits experienced by Mother Candida. Peace and joy must resonate with the desire to live these traits, spread these traits with our life, and ensure that others can have the opportunity to discover and experience them. (Paraphrased to make things easier to read and understand)


       This is our 77th Pearl.  We have gone a long way in our journey.

       Have we discovered in a deeper way, even if it is a small measure, the “miracles” that happen when we ask God what He wants and we try our best to do everything to please Him....which in religious language we call, “for His glory?”

      In what way have we spread peace and joy to the people we meet?