Pearl 78: “May God grant that they come to an understanding...

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 ...and we may be at peace.

Dios quiera que se arregle y tengamos paz.

         This phrase, found in the first paragraph of Letter 83, refers to a transaction related to the foundation at Medina del Campo, which we know was a very difficult one.

        Antonio Grau, looking at this hidden gem that he found, has this to say: “Woman of good intentions, a woman of peace, a woman of full confidence in God. That's how Mother Candida lived, that's how our Mother Candida was.”

        Antonio goes on to reflect: “ I go back to review so many celebrations and discover that all

have a common core: the good of the person, the care of man and women, the importance of respect for the dignity of the person by the fact of being. And I discover that in that care and attention it is

precise and urgent balance in what we are and what we do.”

      Looking back at the difficulties Mother Candida had to undergo, where she had to plod on, transaction after transaction, to finally fulfill God’s dream of having the foundation at Medina del Campo, we find that in her letters, in her dealings, in her relationships, no matter how hard, there was always respect for the dignity of the person she related with, entrusting that God will arrange everything and that ultimately we will be at peace.-Paraphrased to make things easier to read and understand)


       I am sure we all have the experience of having to carry a cross for a long time...and the crosses can really come in many forms---a sickness, an accident, a disappointment, a dream gone, work, supervisors, etc.

      And in the midst of these difficulties, we have had to deal with paper and people, which can be a very tiresome prospects.

           ·       Looking back, what did these experiences teach you?

·       How did it come to a happy end?

·       And if it hasn’t ended, what is helping you stand strong and continue along the way?