Canonical Visit of the Provincial Superior, Sr. Emelinda Falsis to Mater Dei


Rooted in Christ for a Mission

After the vespers of April 26, Sr. Lynn gave us orientations to prepare for the canonical visit. We live together and yet this visit was like taking a “sacred breather from the ordinary” were with “simplicity and familiarity” we encounter the Lord and each other as a community through her presence.



From April 27-29, morning and afternoon, she held spiritual conversations with each member of the community. From the glass window of her office, there was a hallowed space where God’s grace and love unfolded as the Sister shared “sincerely and confidently” her life of prayer, apostolic tasks, community living, and other relationships in the bigger community - Congregation, the Church, the world. Sr. Lynn listened attentively with “maternal care,” and took notes so she can help each one of us in the discernment of our own greater good and the universal good of the mission.



On Saturday, we had the community encounter bringing our symbols of how we experience our community. At the center was a pot with different plants which symbolizes the diversity in our community. Each one with different gifts and different virtues yet rooted in the same soil of mission and watered by God’s love. Some thrive so fast, others may be slow. We rob elbows, but our weaknesses and limitations are never hindrances to growth. We are planted in the same pot journeying together. We complement each other. There were other symbols such as an empty jar with different colors representing diversity yet empty willing to be filled by each other’s gifts, joys, pains, and by God’s grace through prayer; a flash mob where each one is socially aware and responsive with the willingness to get out of oneself for our concern to the poor and the suffering world, especially in Ukraine; an unfinished book where God still continues to write his grace-filled narrative of each one’s vocation and mission as an Hija de Jesus; the hands which love life, embrace, welcome, do corporal works of mercy and when clasped together pray; burning firewood where each firewood becomes one and when ignited gives a glowing warmth to others in spite of one’s limitations; an open jar which opens oneself to God, to others and to one another, open to understanding, open to forgive, open to receive grace from the Lord. After the offering of our symbols, we offered a thanksgiving prayer in silence.


Re-echoing the two core realities of communities in mission – rootedness in Jesus and to be “always a community in mission and for the mission,” Sr. Lynn affirmed and challenged the living of our community plan of life as she communicated her impressions of her visit. We ended with a fraternal meal with our hearts singing in thanksgiving, “How exalted your name is O Yahweh and how lofty the work of your hands.”  -