Pearl 79: “God willing [that it may be done; or that it may be so]

from John Kawakami

Dios lo quiera que si.

         This phrase comes at the end of a long paragraph in Letter 84 when Mother Foundress asked Srs. Antonia Robles and Isabel Anton why their letters took a long time to reach her.  When she received their first letter it was no longer news.  The two sisters mentioned above were her ‘right arm’ so to speak.  And so Mother rushed off to respond to their second letter, hoping that it could be mailed at the soonest possible time, God-willing.  We often hear this expression among the sisters or even laypeople, especially when we have done everything we could and do not know if the response is timely or adequate.

        Antonio Grau has this interesting reflection.  “Before any event: God willing- yes. before the big and the small, because when you trust in this way, you can only affirm with the phrase, “God willing; if God so wills it.”  And that yes to whatever or however God manifests His will include the penalties and the joys, the unknown paths and the paths not understood.

        In my own life, I pray that God grant that it be so, and in asking for all this I also count on his help, because he is not a God who abandons, but who listens, he comes over and stays with me. Listening is saying yes to what God wants.  It is looking in our interior and discovering ourselves with all the possibilities that life offers you. (Paraphrased to make things easier to read and understand)


       Many of us, in many times of our life, just do what we can in any given circumstance, give the best that we can, and then let go and hope and pray that everything will turn out well, God willing...

       In hindsight, if you could track the trajectory of the whole process, are you able to track how God has guided and sustained you the entire time?