The Provincial Team for Communication, together with the Provincial, Sr. Emelinda Falsis, held a meeting last May 7, 2022, via zoom. It was the first time that they met after being named as a team, which is headed by Sr. Normida Marquez, with Sr. Lee Uera, Junior sisters, Crystal Bermejo, and Mary Mae Santorce as members.

The opening prayer was led by Sr. Mary Mae. This was followed by the opening greetings of  Sr. Lynn thanking the sisters personally for being available to this need of the Province and for being invited to this meeting. She said that this is a good service because it would promote a greater union of hearts.

Sr. Lynn also posed three challenges to the team by encouraging them to find ways by which they could foster interest among the sisters, such as: to open the website and read the articles; to animate the schools and houses by sending news articles, and to help the Provincial Superior and the Provincial government promote the union of hearts and sense of belonging to the Congregation. She further suggested presenting during the Regional Encounter about the history of Communication in the province. She entrusted the Team to M. Foundress, St. Candida Maria de Jesus. 

At the outset, Sr. Nori led the members to a sharing of impressions or reflections on the document taken from the International Meeting of F.I. Communicators, also, a first-time event in the congregation.

They shared their insights with the hope that these would contribute to a better understanding of their role as communicators and help to be effective as a team. They also shared their thoughts and suggestions on the current practice of communicating in the province. Sr. Lee shared her experience of being in this field for 18 years, tracing how it evolved from when she started in the year 2004 to the present. She also mentioned the very beginning of the Provincial Bulletin during the time of Sr. Isabel Perez, with the assistance of the sisters, but for whatever reason, this newsletter was discontinued after some years.

As a closing prayer, Sr. Crystal showed a slide of CFI # 326 which showed the rationale for having Communication in the Congregation, which says, “Whatever helps towards the union of the members of this Congregation, will also help much towards pursuing the well-being of the Congregation… and the communication of news…”  This set the tone for the encounter and the work of the team from hereon.