Pearl 80: “May God have mercy on her...



... and on us and may He give us peace of soul and of mind as well as spiritual and corporal health.”

Dios tenga misericordia de ella y nosotras y nos dé paz en el alma y en el cuerpo.

         Letter 86 in which this phrase is found talks of many things – money for the sisters in Medina for their most urgent needs; having no electric lights yet but that they had running water now; that a sister has corrected herself, and finally concern for a sister whose sickness seemed to get worse.

        Mother Foundress always had a great concern for the sick.  She had two preferential loves in her life – the poor and the sick.  Yet she was very grounded.  She prayed for the sick, and asked for the Lord’s mercy and peace….and yet she makes sure the sisters are prepared for the next life, and accepts our passing on as a reality to be embraced and to be prepared for.

(Paraphrased to make things easier to read and understand)


       Almost all of us have to deal with sick relatives, friends, and benefactors.  How are we in the face of sickness?  What do we pray for?  When it is clear that a person is being called back home, what is our reaction? – quarreling with the Lord, asking for a new lease on life, or preparing the one we love for the final journey so that they can go in peace and love to the Father’s eternal embrace, and that we too can accept the loss with peace even as we are filled with sadness?