Pearl 82: “Pray that I may always be patient and I may respond properly...

Pearl 82 so many favors the Lord bestows on me continually..”

Pida mucho para que no me falte nunca la paciencia y sepa corresponder como es debido a tantos favores como el Señor me dispensa continuamente.

         A very sweet and transparent letter (Letter 89) written by Mother Foundress to Dona Hermitas (her former employer) whom Mother Foundress always called ‘mother.’  In it she talks about Dona Hermitas’ daughter, Estrella, of the little granddaughter who was not able to go back to the school of the Hijas de Jesus, and her difficulties in the school at Tolosa.  Towards the end of her letter, she then ends with the phrase above.

        Let’s hear Antonio’s reflection on this pearl. “How important it was for Mother Candida to maintain patience when things seemed to get messy and twisted or, simply, when there were delays and she had to wait without losing her calm.   How valuable these words are in times when we want things in an instant.

            Mother Cándida speaks to Doña Hermitas with special affection, and she shows us how to speak to a mother, and shows us the beauty of true friendship and affection.

            When one receives a lot, one should only reciprocate with a lot. And when you have a lot to do and you see that you do not get to have everything as you would like, you have to ask for help and have

much patience; but, above all, thank what has been received and trust in that God also has to play his part. Why does this make so much sense? Where did Mother Candida get the ability to understand all this?  Where should I draw my strength, my sense, and my understanding to face what I must do every day?  For me there  are two phrases from songs that answer this question:  You, my anchor, my source, my God” and “rooted in You.” (Paraphrased to make things easier to read and understand)


       For our reflection, we want to focus on the beautiful relationship that Mother Candida had with Dona Hermitas....a relationship that not only lasted a lifetime but spilled over to the second and third generations of the Sabaters.

       What is at the root of this relationship?  There are many layers to this ever-developing relationship:  employer-employee, benefactor-beneficiary, devoted supporter-Foundress, and mother-daughter.  What are your thoughts about this friendship?  What made it grow? What made it last?

       Needless to say at the very root of this relationship is a love for God.

      What about us?  Do we have experiences like these?  Do we have tried and true friends?  Let us remember and relish our friendships, as we pray over them and thank God for them.