SMAD Gives another Retreat Experience for the Staff


  Last June 24, 2022, the Stella Maris Academy of Davao sent off the Staff group for their Annual retreat in Betania Retreat House, Matina Davao City. The said retreat was facilitated by Sister Leoly Quitorio, FI of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation while the Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Father Lauro Arcede, SM. 


The most essential thing they have learned from this retreat was how to acknowledge and embrace who they are as persons in the eyes of God. Moreover, they got to know what they can give back in exchange for the things God has called them to do and to accomplish for Him.


The first day got off to a somber start as they talked about themselves, including the more profound emotions that they had suppressed due to circumstances. Sr. Leoly led them to ponder, and they reflected on the parts of themselves that they hide from other people. The first session assisted them in being more aware of their emotions and sentiments and their significance.

The second session was about counting their blessings and the gifts they shared with others. They could hardly recognize that they also helped other people since they were too humbled to accept that they are regarded as a blessing to others. Sr. Leoly helped identify their potential as well as the distinctiveness of each member in the group. People sometimes question whether or not God is calling them to accomplish something specific. Still, she made it very clear in the following session that everyone in this physical world serves a purpose. They also had a group sharing regarding their difficulties and problems. Last but not least, they were able to express to God their aspirations and their willingness to give back to Him.


The retreat culminated with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Their retreat ended with everyone feeling refreshed and with a smile on their face.